Trailer: The Time of the Doctor

Following our work on the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, more of our model shots will feature in Matt Smith’s final episode, The Time of the Doctor, which airs on Christmas Day on BBC One. In addition, Model Unit Supervisor Mike Tucker is due to appear in the episode, albeit in the guise of an iconic villain!

Full details of the sequences we provided will be posted on the website following transmission.

Press Release: The Day of the Doctor

The Model Unit’s involvement in Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor was for the Time War section, providing several cutaways of the Time Lord staser cannon (including its destruction), and a longer sequence showing John Hurt’s TARDIS crashing through a wall and destroying several Daleks.

Find out more about our work on this historic episode of Doctor Who by downloading our press release:


Mike and his crew watched the episode at Excel London with an audience of 2000 fans, as part of the Doctor Who Celebration. You can read about the event at Scale Model News.

Trailer: The Day of the Doctor

We are looking forward to the global transmission of the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special The Day of the Doctor on November 23rd. A full write up of the work we have done on the story will go live after transmission. You can see a sneak preview in this trailer:

Model Unit crew members will also be attending the Doctor Who Celebration at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre on November 22-24th, talking about their work on both the classic and new series.

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