2018 Good Omens, miniature effects, BBC Studios/Amazon Prime Video
2017 Doctor Who: Shada, miniature effects, for DVD/Bluray release by BBC Worldwide
2017 Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams – Impossible Planet, cloud tank supervision, Channel 4
2016 Doctor Who Experience, classic prop and costume refurbishment, for BBC Worldwide
2016 Red Dwarf XI, model work,  Baby Cow for Dave
2016 TaskMaster, model work, Avalon Television for Dave
2016 Totem Adornments Launch, at the Globe Theatre
2015 Doctor Who Experience, classic prop and costume refurbishment, for BBC Worldwide
2015 Origin Unknown, models and miniature effects, for Parkgate Entertainment
2015 Jungle Book – Origins, motion capture props, for The Imaginarium
2015 Star Citizen Squadron 42 , motion capture props and sets, for The Imaginarium
2015 Firestorm (minisode), miniature effects, Anderson Entertainment
2013 Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor, BBC1
2013 Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor, BBC1 (BAFTA Craft Winner)
2013 Doctor Who: Cold War, BBC1
2013 Perspectives: Jonathan Ross on Alfred Hitchcock – Made in Britain
2012 Fram Museum, Oslo, miniature dioramas for Sarner
2012 Aircrash Confidential, Discovery Channel
2011 Doctor Who Experience, classic prop and costume refurbishment, for BBC Worldwide
2011 Atlantis – End of a World, Birth of a Legend, BBC1
2010 The Last Days of the Dinosaurs, Handel Productions/Dangerous Films for Discovery Channel
2009 Clash of the Dinosaurs, Dangerous Films for Discovery Channel
2009 Raging Planet Series 2, Pioneer Productions for Discovery Channel
2009 Moonshot – The Flight of Apollo 11, Dangerous Films for ITV1
2008 Primeval Series 2, Impossible Pictures for ITV1
2008 Human Body – Pushing the Limits, Dangerous Films for Discovery Channel (Primetime Emmy, Bulldog, and RTS Award nominated)
2007 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
2007 St Trinians
2007 Atonement, Working Title Films
2006 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, Windfall Films for Channel 4
2006 Raven – The Island, CBBC/BBC1
2006 Krakatoa – The Last Days, BBC1 (BAFTA Craft nominated)
2006 Surviving Disaster: The Munich Air Crash, BBC1
2005 Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion, BBC1
2005 Equinox Special: Britain’s Tornado, Channel 4
2005 Doctor Who, BBC1
2005 Hiroshima, BBC1 (BAFTA Craft Winner)
2005 Venus Drowning, Long Pig Ltd, premiering at BIFFF 2006
2004 Timewatch: The Lost Heroes, BBC2
2004 Alien Worlds, Channel 4 International
2004 The Brighton Bomb, BBC1 (BAFTA Craft & RTS Award nominated)
2004 Ancestors: Nelson’s Island, BBC2
2004 Ancestors: Billy & the Fighter Boys, BBC2
2004 Ancestors: Search for the Beagle, BBC2
2003 Steve Leonard’s Search for the Loch Ness Monster, BBC2
2003 Horizon: The Last Flight of the Columbia, BBC2 (RTS Award nominated)
2003 Timewatch: Britain’s Greatest Hoax, BBC2
2002 Ted & Alice, Granada Television for BBC1
2002 Egypt’s Golden Empire, Lion Television for BBC2
2002 Wild New World, BBC Bristol
2002 TARDIScam, BBCi
2001 I Was a Rat, CBBC
2001 The Bismark and the Hood, LWT
2000 Extreme Machines: Disasters at Sea, Pioneer Productions for TLC
1999 999 International: Missing in Action, BBC1 (RTS Award nominated)
1999 Microsoap, BBC/Disney
1999 Tornado, Pioneer Productions
1999 Twister Week (aka Tornado Diary), BBC1
1998 Aquila Series 2, BBC1
1997 Raging Planet (Hurricane, Tidal Wave, Lightning), Pioneer Productions
Merseybeat, BBC1
Tomorrow’s World Christmas Special, BBC1

award-winning models and miniature effects for television and film

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