• RTS Award nomination for Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor
  • WINNER! BAFTA Craft Awards 2014 Special, Visual & Graphic Effects, for Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor
  • Runner up in the 2009 Televisual Bulldog Awards for Best Digital & Physical FX, for Human Body – Pushing the Limits
  • Primetime Emmy Award nomination in 2008 for Best Special Effects in a Television Series, for Human Body – Pushing the Limits
  • BAFTA Craft Award nomination for Krakatoa – The Last Days in 2007
  • WINNER! BAFTA Craft Awards 2006 Best Visual Effects for Hiroshima
  • BAFTA Craft Award & RTS nominations in 2005 for The Brighton Bomb (with Steve Bowman)
  • World gold medal winner at the New York Festival for the BBC’s Olympics 2004 title sequence
  • RTS Award nomination for Horizon: The Last Flight of the Columbia
  • RTS Award nomination for 999 International: Missing in Action (with Tony Auger)

award-winning models and miniature effects for television and film

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