With The Model Unit nominated for an RTS Craft Award, here are some images from our projects which were nominated in previous years…

RTS Craft Award Nomination for The Day of the Doctor

The Model Unit is very proud to announce that it has been nominated, alongside Real SFX, for an RTS Craft & Design Award for the practical effects work seen in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor.

For miniature effects supervisor Mike Tucker this is the fifth time he has been nominated in this category, having previously been put forward for individual awards for 999 International – Missing in Action, The Brighton Bomb, and Horizon: Last Flight of the Columbia, and under the Model Unit banner for Human Body – Pushing the Limits.

“Having won the BAFTA earlier in the year, its fantastic for the team to now get a second nomination, and I’m delighted that it’s for a show that really showcased how well practical effects can work within a modern drama production.”

– Mike Tucker, Visual Effects Supervisor

For more information about the Model Unit’s work on this episode please contact Mike Tucker.


The Model Unit returns to Ealing Studios

Following the recent announcement that Wimbledon Studios Ltd has gone into administration, the Model Unit is pleased to announce its return to the historic Ealing Film Studios in West London.

Model Unit Supervisor Mike Tucker explains:

“The move to a bigger space at Wimbledon allowed us to handle two huge projects for Doctor Who that would have been very difficult at our Ealing facility. However, given the unfortunate situation that has arisen at Wimbledon, it makes perfect sense for us to return to the studio where we first set up shop in 2005.”

The move is taking place during the last week of August, and the Model Unit will resume normal service from September 1st.

For more information please contact Mike Tucker on 07973 636518, or at themodelunit@mac.com

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